I began seeing Madhavi Kasam almost exactly a year ago. On my first visit, I was trying to get some control over my chronic sinus infections and constant migraine headaches, but I had no preconceived notions of what to expect from homeopathy. When I got to the office, I was SICK, and Madhavi was wonderful. Her demeanor is intensely soothing, and she asks wonderfully insightful questions that really get to the root of the issues.

After about a month, I began seeing MUCH improvement. My sinus infection was almost completely gone, and I hadn’t had any headaches, but I also started seeing other improvements in my life that were completely unexpected. I was falling asleep easily and sleeping through the night, which hadn’t happened in years; my periods were getting easier and more predictable; my allergies were getting less intense, and my skin began to look more radiant.

I have spent my life constantly sick or in fear of getting sick. Since childhood, I had sinusitis or strep throat at least eight to ten times a year and suffered up to three migraines a month.

I have not been sick in a year. I have not had a migraine in six months. I could not be happier.

- by Erin Shepherd, 30

I approached Mrs. Madhavi for my skin problem when all allopathic medicines I was taking had proved totally ineffective after countless visits to different dermatologists. Test after test had not led them to even diagnose the problem and I was really scared after taking so many rounds of steroids. That's when I turned to Mrs. Madhavi. She is a thorough professional and devotes time to understand her clients’ issues. The homeopathy was very effective and I started seeing the results within a month. I am very happy to say that just after 4 months, I am very close to being normal and thank Mrs. Madhavi for that.

-by SS

As of July 2008, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. I was losing hair, getting dizzy, had no energy, could not sleep and was having problem with getting red eyes. I then began to see Mrs.Madhavi. Being very skeptical, I didn’t expect many results. I was told by my doctor that I should start to take synthroid for my condition. I have not taken it as I didn’t want to start to take a synthetic drug for the rest of my life! After 2 months, my symptoms started to improve. When I had my blood test taken in January 2009, my levels were already better by 50%!! It is now April and I feel even more healthy. My hair loss is very minimal, I no longer am getting dizzy. I have tons of energy and sleep very well. I also no longer have problems with my eyes. I feel normal again!! Thank you Madhavi!!!

Lisa Maxam

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and was on Synthroid for past 3 years, though my TSH levels seem to be under control with it, most of my symptoms existed throughout. I have consulted Mrs.Madhavi for Homeopathy, with in a month’s time I have seen great improvement. I would definitely recommend Mrs. Madhavi.


I have a number of specific concerns that I want to try to strengthen my constitution using homeopathic remedies if at all possible as I do not like taking the harsh drugs M.D.'s prescribe. Most modern drugs can cause worse side-effects than what is actually being treated, and in my case one of the medicines prescribed to treat one of my ailments caused such a severe reaction that after 6-months I had to stop taking it.

That was when I decided to look into finding a homeopath. I started an internet search and finally decided to travel out-of-state to see Mrs. Madhavi, as her educational credentials and professional affiliations convinced me that she was the "real deal" and was the homeopath I had been hoping to find.

After only one month of using homeopathy, I experienced a marked decrease in the inner ear and head congestion that has plagued me for years, the tinnitus has lessened, my achy body is no longer achy anymore, and other ailments seem to be lessening. I do understand that normally many things will take time to get normal using homeopathic remedies.

Mrs. Madhavi is extremely professional and I am blessed to have been guided to her by God and my gurus, and look forward to her helping me to restore my health.

I recommend her to anyone. Thank you, Mrs. Madhavi!

Claudia B.,

I am an ABA Therapist, working with children with Autism. Due to client confidentiality, I must remain anonymous. I have a client who began seeing Mrs. Madhavi Kasam at the beginning of this year. Since the treatment began, I have noticed such a drastic improvement in my client. Tantrums which made it impossible to be out in public for extended periods of time have nearly vanished. This child is initiating conversation and vying for the attention of others, where in the past there was no interaction at all. Now, my client can eat a meal with his family. Severe food allergies made that impossible before. I have watched this child go from a lethargic state (not wanting to be involved with anything or care about anything) to a state of curiosity and involvement in his surroundings. My client is beginning to truly enjoy life. It has been so wonderful for me to see. I would recommend Mrs. Madhavi Kasam to any parents with children with Autism who want to see real results.

Dedicated ,
ABA Therapist

I consulted with Mrs. Madhavi Kasam for my 3 month old baby. He had acid reflux and eczema. He was suffering a lot, and that was causing tremendous physical and mental strain to me as a parent.

My pediatrician suggested antacid for his reflux and a steroid cream for his eczema. I did not want to take that route because of the possibility of harmful side effects. The alternative to that was to wait for my child to outgrow these conditions. It would have been very difficult for us to live with these conditions till they were outgrown, so I was in desperate need of a safe solution.

Mrs. Kasam talked to me patiently, took a detailed health analysis, and explained how homeopathy would work to help my baby. Within a week of starting homeopathy, I saw some improvement in both conditions. His discomfort from reflux had reduced, and so too his itching from eczema. In 2 months he was almost completely normal. As a parent it gives me tremendous peace of mind to have a homeopath who was able to restore my child's health.


I’m a mother of 11 months old baby and he was suffering from severe eczema since he was 2 months old until we met Mrs. Madhavi Kasam’s who was referred by a known family and couple of others.

We visited Pediatrics Dermatologist initially and went for couple of visits with unsatisfactory response as the medications included strong ointments , antibiotics which worsened the case as it would temporary suppress the skin condition and as we finish the course of medication and stop the doses it would come out with more severity.

We didn’t know what to do and I was very upset about this whole issue and felt very helpless, one morning I couldn’t see my baby in so much pain, itching, scratching, oozing, bleeding, screaming, crying and what not but I always trust being natural as it can do wonders. I did google search and found Mrs.Madhavi Kasam’s contact details, took the same day appointment and met her. She saw my baby who was 9 months old then and remedies she told started working and we started seeing the improvement within 2 days, infected skin due to oozing and bleeding started drying up and skin started healing. I got complete confidence with homeopathy as I didn’t see such quick improvement before.

We have continued the homeopathy with Mrs. Madhavi and my son’s eczema is improving amazingly. Though the same cycles comes but the severity has reduced and we are hoping that it would vanish completely.

“Mrs. Madhavi is a true homeopath who emotional and psychological needs of the clients which makes her approach do wonders. She is completely dedicated to her field (homeopathy) and concentrates on the client’s health with total sincerity and lots of patience”. I would definitely recommend her but before visiting one must have faith in homeopathy and nature as homeopathy is considered slow but permanent restoration of health.

Good Luck,
Pooja Parashar

In 2004, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Over the span of 3 years and under the care of an endocrinologist, I took thyroid medication, insulin-resistance medication, and anti-depressants. I had terrible side-effects as a result of all the previously mentioned prescriptions and began to dread that I would feel like that the rest of my life. Last year, I began hearing about the power of homeopathy and immediately looked into this alternative. In August 2007, I began seeing Mrs. Madhavi. My first visit with her was such a contrast to my previous experience with my endocrinologist. Mrs. Madhavi took time to thoroughly ask about all aspects of my health (physical and emotional). I feel that this has truly made a difference in improving my health and well-being.

My initial intention was to seek help with hypothyroidism, but over the past several months she has helped me in many ways. Lab results show that my thyroid is at normal levels. In fact, the physician who requested the labs was amazed that this could happen without prescription medication. Mrs. Madhavi has also helped me with chronic mid-back problems that I had been suffering. Thanks to her wonderful care, I am feeling a lot better these days. Mrs.. Madhavi is great at digging deep with her questions every session and we uncover more issues and she provides more resolutions. I feel that as long as I continue under her care, I am on the road to complete health. I would recommend Mrs. Madhavi to anyone in need of improving their health!

-by Jessica,

My son Advaith (3 yrs) has developmental delay and was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder in March 2007. We started his treatment with Mrs. Madhavi and within the first month we saw good results. Advaith who was hyper and has compliance issues showed a sudden shift in his behavior. His compliance improved and his attention span increased. Everyone in his daycare and all his therapists were amazed by his progress. We are happy with the progress we saw and that it happened in a short time, I know it will take a long time and there is a long way to go before we address all his issues but I hope Mrs. Madhavi has answers for all of them.

Sunita Nadella

I think Madhavi is a wonderful professional full of wonderful knowledge. I had one visit with her. I had a sore throat and a cough for a long time off and on. Its amazing after one week I feel like a new person. I would recommend her to anyone !!!! She is very caring and I feel very blessed and we are very fortunate to have her in our community. I would highly recommend her!!!!

Leslie Beitchman

My son Noah is 10 years old and has Autism. In praying and searching for help for Noah, I read a book titled "Impossible Cure, The Promise of Homeopathy" by Amy Lansky. I contacted Amy Lansky regarding the recovery of her son from Autism, and she helped me find Madhavi Kasam.

Three months ago, we began our journey with Madhavi and treating Noah's Autism. We are very excited about the progress Noah has made since beginning this treatment. Classical homeopathic treatment is interesting. The changes are very gentle and almost seem to be happening on their own. It is wonderful and encouraging to watch Noah progress. Noah has done things in the last 3 months that he never did before. He initiates play with his younger sister, he has started playing outside, he has said some things he's never said before (incredible!!) and he is engaging more in our world.

I know that Noah's journey to recovery will not happen overnight. But I am very happy with the amazing progress he has made in the last 3 months. I would recommend Madhavi to anyone interested in real hope.

Jonesboro, GA

My 4 1/2 years son was having temperature, non-stop cough and shortness of breath. He had been to Emergency because his Oxygen count was less and had been hospitalised for 4 days, and he was fine for one week. Again the same started and we went to the doctors, and they told it could be Pnemonia, Asthma and Hypoxia. They prescribed high dose of steroid and asked us to give breathing treatments four times daily. The high dose of steroid made him so restless and breathing treatments never seemed working on him. There was absolutely no improvement for one week.

We went to Madavi, on a Thursday evening, and my son could not even open his eyes (because of high temperature) and show his mouth (because of continuous cough). Half an hour after taking the suggested remedy, the cough gradually came down. And fever has also gone by mid-night. He slept nicely in night after a long time without the coughing trouble. Now he is doing fine, and he goes to school regularly. For us, it seemed just a miraculous recovery.


In June of 2006, I called my mother crying - "Please come help me. I can't take care of my children. I can't use my hands". I had severe eczema that was diagnosed by dermatologist. Both hands had bubbles that were extremely itchy; they would break open bleed and scabby. They burned and I was in great pain, unable to use them for anything. My 9 year old my arms. I couldn't cook, change the baby, touch anything. My mom found Mrs. Madhavi Kasam's name on the internet. I was skeptical of homeopathy at first, but unwilling to take the steroids that I felt would simply mask a situation that I needed resolved

My mom flew in the next day to help and I went to see Mrs. Kasam. I felt comfortable with her and her style right away. She was obviously trained well and truly cared. That first visit she asked many questions. She was so thorough that it took more than 2 hours. The results were very quick. The severe itching was almost completely gone within a week and I could bend my hands and use them. My palms had completely cleared. The back of my hands, which were in worse shape, cleared up within a month. I was very impressed and I am grateful to Mrs. Kasam.

Rachel Fujikawa, mother of four

I was suffering from symptoms like anxiety, dizziness, tiredness, and Heart burn for a long time. My blood pressure was always more than 135 /85 and pulse was in 90’s. I was hesitating to say these to Allopathic doctor who would only treat the symptoms separately and not remove the root cause. I was looking for right homeopathic practitioner who could help treat the complete person and not just help in managing the disease. The moment we found Mrs. Madhavi Kasam, I started taking the remedies. I find now myself in much better position than I used to be. BP has reduced to optimal 122/80‘s and pulse is in 80’s now. Now I am taking normal food with no diet restrictions. We are very grateful that we found a very good classical homeopathic practitioner who could help in restoring the health back. I would recommend her services for anyone and suggest to first look at the alternative therapies which help in curing the person with no side effects.

Deepak N, Naperville, FL

I was diagnosed as having Hypothyroidism in Feb. 2005 and was prescribed medicine for life long. I thought I would have to take the medicines for life long I was shocked to know that Allopathic system does not have a cure for this but, only manages the disease. Then we started looking for a permanent cure.

We found Mrs. Madhavi in a timely manner and started taking remedies. I did not start any allopathic tablets. With in 4 weeks of holistic homeopathic treatment, my TSH came down to 10 from 17.

Now all symptoms have gone including giddiness and tiredness. I am active all day and managing very well the day to day activities.

I am continuing the remedies to get it completely healthy. I would recommend Mrs. Madhavi with out any hesitation to anyone, looking to get back to complete health and not just managing the disease. I found her to be the best in classical homeopath.

- by
Jyoti N, Naperville, FL






Shelleigh Hall
Tampa, FL

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2002 and was prescribed Eltroxin for life long by Dr. Arun Shashtri in India. I started to get so many symptoms like dry skin, back pain, knee pain, muscle pain, etc... I did not know that hypothyroidism is curable in homeopathy. In July 2004, I went to Mrs. Madhavi Kasam. Within one month I got such good results like my all pain has gone, no tiredness, no headache which I was getting alternate day, I am feeling very fresh. I never thought homeopathy can work this well.

Mrs. Bhojani,
Atlanta, GA

I have always been a perfectly healthy vegan all of my life but back in April of 2004, fluid began to build up around my lung, just suddenly. I did not know what was causing my shortness of breath to continue to worsen, until I went to have an x-ray in June, and the hospital pumped out the fluid. They told me the fluid had abnormal cell clusters in it and my life depended upon seeing a physician immediately because they thought I had cancer. I began to research cancer and lung conditions, including the assaultive western treatments for those conditions. I have never needed a doctor before and I have bad vibrations about them. I finally found a chiropractor who also uses light and color therapies, and electrical therapies so I went to him and he is an excellent chiropractor who helped me quite a lot. However, the one thing he could not do was to keep the fluid from coming back on my lung and I could tell it was returning which again made it difficult for me to walk very far and I was concerned because I did not want to have any part of the hospital again. So, I meditated, which I sort of do all of the time anyway and I tried to find guidance from Life as to where to go. Again, I started researching and I felt very strongly that I needed so see a homeopath. So, after searching Georgia homeopaths I felt I should see Mrs. Kasam. I cannot even tell how grateful I am that I went to see her because as soon as I started taking the remedies she gave me, I began to feel improvement and this has continued without interruption. She is the only one who knew what to give me that could start the healing process and I am so happy at how normal I now am. I hate to think what could have happened to me if I had not been guided to see her. Again, it is just impossible to be able to thank a person enough for knowing how to restore someone back to their normal state of good health, using methods that promote wholeness and goodness in the body which is just the opposite of allopathic medicine.

Susie Pan,
Cartersville, GA

If I have any illness, I always go to Mrs. Madhavi Kasam first. She is a classical homeopath with a thorough understanding of her field and it has always worked for me while other medicines have failed. The best part is that this medication is completely natural and safe with no side effects. I recommend everyone to go for Homeopathic remedies and that too from Mrs. Kasam!

Abhay Joshi,
Marieatta, GA

I have been suffering from chronic urticaria over the last two years. In August I contacted Mrs. Madhavi about my condition. She has been treating me since August. I had been taking medication from a allopathic doctor for my urticaria. The medication he had prescribed was prednisone-10mg, Allegra-180mg, Zyrtec-10mg and Tagamet-400mg. From August until December, I used to take Allegra, Zyrtec Tagamet, prednisone and the homeopathic remedy that Mrs. Madhavi had provided. Since January, I have not taken any prednisone, allegra or zyrtec and I have not had any occurrence of hives. I am still taking the homeopathic remedies and very confident that I will ultimately move away from using Tagamet also. The doctor has prescribed Tagamet since I was having heartburn and skin rashes - not sure if it really helps to cure the hives.

I personally have not seen any disadvantages of taking homeopathic remedies. As far as the question on completely cured, I do not know yet because urticaria has a tendency to crop up again at any time. From my experience with Mrs. Madhavi, I can confidently say that if it occurs again, she will be able to treat it without me having to go back to prescription drugs. She works very closely with me and I can call her anytime for questions or concerns. Even when giving her updates on my condition if she felt that there needs to be a change in the remedy, she did that right away and sent the new remedies immediately. There are no side effects to homeopathic remedies that I have experienced and would definitely give her treatment a shot. Results may not be evident right away, but over time one will surely see a difference. I have learned that, key is to stay in constant touch with her and provide weekly updates at the minimum during the initial phase.

Ketan Patel,
Canton, MI

My son Ravi Teja Andhavarapu joined the homeopathic treatment in October 2003. He has severe food and dust allergies including milk and egg. Allopathy left us with no hope and no treatment where as Mrs. Madhavi Kasam shed a ray of hope on us and assured us Ravi will come out of this allergy state in a year or so.

Since we started treatment by Mrs. Madhavi to our son, he developed appetite for regular food and never had cold, fever or any other problems. He looks more lively than before (grace). This reassured us that homeopathic is working on him progressively. We want to continue this treatment and recommend it to anyone who hit the wall with Allopathy, like us.

Mrs. Madhavi is a fine professional as well as kind person. When my son got allergic irritation at one midnight, she monitored him whole night and she allowed us to stay with him. He recovered within minutes with Mrs.Madhavi's Homeoapthy. This was amazing and our confidence on the treatment got boosted with it.

Please note that my son is still under treatment. Though he has not come out of the allergy problems, I can certainly see the progress and the success of the treatment. In fact, I am considering to get treated for myself for my tight-breathing soon with Mrs. Madhavi Kasam.

Father of 2 yr old,
Koteswara Rao Andhavarapu, Alpharetta, GA

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 1996 and was prescribed synthroid for life long. Initially, I used it but later I developed several other symptoms like knee pains, acidity etc... Doctors started prescribing one medicine for each problem. That is when I consulted Mrs. Madhavi for homeopathic treatment. Now I do not take any medicines and I am perfectly alright.

Malathi Tadavarthi,
Atlanta, GA

When our daughter (4 year old) was prescribed steroids daily to keep her Asthma under control, we turned to Madhavi for alternative treatment. She listened very patiently to us and her treatment was right on target from day one. We noticed that our daughter's Asthma attacks reduced both in frequency and severity, slowly but steadily. Soon, the attacks became a rarity rather than the norm. It gave us a lot of peace of mind and our faith in Madhavi was reaffirmed with every passing day. I would definitely recommend Madhavi to all my friends without the slightest hesitation or doubt as she has proved the efficacy of her treatment to us.

Priya Balaji,
Dunwoody, GA

Ever got toothache? Then you know what I am talking about! I developed some tooth infection and that resulted in toothache. The pain was so horrible that I could hardly eat anything. I had to rely on soups or liquids till got the homeopathic remedy from Mrs. Madhavi. I couldn’t believe even today how soon the relief can come. My pain was gone in 2 days and back to normal by 3rd day. Thank you very much Mrs. Madhavi. Keep up the good work.

Raghava Tadavarthi,
Suwanee, GA


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